Latino Association for Policy, Planning and Development Executive Board Duties

President (1 position) & Vice President (1 position)

The Chairs will preside at all meetings of the organization, oversee all projects, and provides practical planning
for some projects. In charge of planning and facilitating semester retreat for all members. They are the main
representatives, representing policies, views, and opinions of the organization in its relations with the campus
and community at large. She/He will create a written agenda to be distributed at all meetings. She/He will be the
primary coordinators of the annual retreats and end of the year banquet.
President and Vice President – to separate duties as needed

  • Master Calendar
  • Overseeing the Organization Newsletter
  • Meetings/ Agenda- setting
  • Support for other officers
  • Run officer meetings
  • Ensuring that constitution is reviewed yearly
  • Meet with Advisor for updates
  • Book rooms for events and meetings

Administrative Chair/Secretary

Will take minutes at all meetings of the organization, keep these on file and submit required copies to all organization members. She/He shall be responsible for all organization correspondence, maintain all records of the organization, and shall keep copies thereof on file. Also she/he must keep attendance at all events and create monthly calendar of events to present to all members of the organization. She/He will be in charge of updating the contact list and distributing it to all members.

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Administers all Organization Responsibilities
  • Binder: Organization Info
  • Scheduling of Rooms/Locations
  • Roster/Contact Lists
  • Attendance/Sign In Sheets
  • Email Account/Web Site updating

Alumni Relations Chair (1 position)

Will be in charge of establishing and maintaining LAPPD’s relationship with alumni. This includes but is not limited to maintaining a current contact database of LAPPD Alumni, reaching out to Alumni with LAPPD updates (electronic newsletter), getting one Alumni spotlight per semester, and coordinating one alumnus focused event per year.

  • Maintain current contact database of LAPPD Alumni
  • Invite alumni to larger LAPPD events
  • Update alumni with electronic newsletter
  • Draft one alumni spotlight per semester to be included in a newsletter
  • Coordinating one alumnus event per year

Finance Chair (1 position)

Will be in charge of the organization’s budget, fundraising, fund requests, and all other matters related to the organization’s finances and expenses.

  • Dues
  • Fundraising
  • Budgets
  • Applying for funding, grants etc.
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Purchasing/Reimbursements
  • GPSS Representative on a needed basisAttend meetings as needed
  • Browse newsletters and minutes to keep up with happenings, or speak with GPAC

Historian (1 position)

Will be in charge of documenting all events and meetings by taking photos and storing flyers/ documents distributed at each event. If she/he cannot attend a particular event, they must assign their responsibilities to another attending board member for that particular meeting.

  • Take photos at all events/ meetings
  • Updating Facebook page with photos
  • Storing all flyers/ documents distributed at each event

Professional Development Chair (2 positions)

Will be in charge of planning and executing all events related
to the professional development of our members. Including but not limited to speaker series, panels, conference
speakers, skills development workshops, and any collaborations with other organizations related to career

  • Coordinates all professional development events
  • In charge of professional development committee (if needed)
  • Delegates further responsibilities for events
  • Submits dates to co-chairs for master calendar

Public Relations Chair (2 positions)

Will be the lead on two primary organizational functions: (1) membership and recruitment, and (2) external communications of meetings and events. She/he shall be responsible for designing and executing a yearly membership growth plan with or without a committee of current members. She/he shall also be responsible for updating the LAPPD Facebook page/ Website with all upcoming events and news, draft/ distribute an electronic newsletter, update the LAPPD Board in the RGL Lounge and draft/ distribute flyers or any other communication for an event.

  • Drafting/ executing membership and recruitment yearly strategy
  • Maintaining sign-in of members of each event
  • Maintaining list of current LAPPD members
  • Drafting/ distributing
  • –  Monthly electronic newsletter
  • –  Flyers/ materials for meetings & events
  • Updating LAPPD Facebook page/ Website with all current information
  • Update LAPPD Board in RGL Lounge

Social Events Chair (1 position)

Will be in charge of planning and organizing all social events. Including but not limited to informational, parties, wine and cheese, and events with other organizations.

  • Coordinates all social events
  • In charge of social committee (if needed)
  • Delegates further responsibilities for events
  • Submits dates to co-chairs for master calendar

Undergraduate Representative (1 position)

Responsible for building and maintaining a relationship between Price graduate students and undergraduates.

  • Engage undergraduates in LAPPD events/meetings
  • Garner feedback from undergraduate community on needs/ideas
  • Identify avenues for collaboration and inclusion
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